Monday, June 9, 2014


I have released version of process-streaming, my library of pipes-based helpers built on top of the process package.

It contains breaking changes. Some functions have new names, and a few newtypes have been introduced in order to hide unnecessarily complex signatures. Hopefully the changes make the library a bit more intuitive.

You might find this library useful if:

  • You want an easy way to consume the standard streams of an external process using the tools provided by the pipes ecosystem.
  • You want concurrent, streaming access to both the stdout and stderr of an external process, without fear of deadlocks caused by full output buffers.
  • You want to consume stdout and stderr combined in a single stream.
  • You want to be relieved of tedious bookkeeping like: automatically killing the external process on the face of errors and exceptions, ensuring the termination of threads spawned for concurrent reads, and so on.